I am a jack-of-all-trades designer, but have spent most of my career designing websites and user interfaces. I am a co-founder of a small company called Tapbots (founded in 2008) and we build apps for the Apple eco-system. I’m also a husband and a father of three boys. I grew up across the Pacific Ocean (Japan, Korea, Hawaii, and California) and now reside in the wonderful state of Texas.

My biggest passions outside of family and work is motorsports and bicycles. I absolutely love Formula 1, karting, and driving cars on the race track. I also spend a lot of my free time mountain biking and taking my dirt jumper to skate parks, pump tracks, and jump lines.

Learning new skills and becoming proficient in them is what keeps me motivated in my career and life in general. I enjoy the journey of hard work towards becoming successful at something. My biggest fear is to become stagnant and stop learning.

  • Location

    Allen, TX

  • Ethnicity

    1/2 Korean

  • Profession


  • Hardware

    iMac 5k, M1 Macbook, PC

  • Software

    Sketch, Affinity Designer, Cinema 4D

  • Drives

    Honda S2000

  • Rides

    Transition Scout, Transition PBJ, Kink Launch

  • Learning

    3D Modeling/Rendering